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ACOQ Tax Consulting

A range of services to meet the financial concerns of individuals and businesses.

In a business unit, information of and towards management is of vital importance to its performance.

The ACOQ services aim to provide all the management information necessary to the setup, maintenance and growth of economic units.

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Tax Advising for Companies and Individuals

Timely care with tax matters will help you achieve a higher level of tax efficiency.

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 Tax Obligations

The constant changes in the Portuguese tax and contributive system require careful attention to keep businesses and individuals up to date with the latest information and ensure compliance with all obligations.

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Fiscal Representation

A non-resident individual, or a company entering a territory that it doesn’t master, has the need to have someone to represent them and defend their assets. 

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Lisboa Office
Rua Abade Faria, 36, Lj. Esq
2725-475 Mem Martins, Sintra

Algarve Office
Urbanização Quinta da Corrieira

Rua Sophia Mello Breyner, Lote 43, 1ºA
8200-084 Albufeira

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+351 219 205 225

+351 212 468 352

Segunda a Sexta, das 09h00 às 13h00
e das 14h30 às 19h00 

BinckBank, part of Saxo Bank is one of Europe's leading banks for private investors with over 860,000 clients. BinckBank has consistently been awarded* leader for service and platforms, competitive prices and outstanding quality. As part of Saxo Bank, BinckBank provides its clients with access to an industry-leading online trading platform. It is secure, available in your own language (28 languages to choose from) and accessible from a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

BinckBank and Saxo Bank have 46 years of combined online experience with traders and investors. Saxo Bank is recognised for its cutting edge financial technology and BinckBank is renowned for its customer service, market knowledge and discretion.


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Investing with BinckBank gives you the freedom to make your own investment choices. You benefit from the support of experienced Portfolio Managers who can provide tailor-made solutions and personal assistance. Clients count on BinckBank to be their smart investment partner, delivering a first class level of service and support.

Our Team

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The BinckBank team provides significant investment expertise and experience. Every member is a seasoned professional. They have a track record that stretches back many years, making them well qualified to answer questions and assist you in developing your investment strategy. The team provides full support to clients across Spain and Portugal. where they are available to provide personal telephone consultations.


BinckBank's mission is to enable clients to realise their goals and utlimately have control over their own finances.  Kaspar Huijsman, Director of BinckBank Spain explains that "every investor needs help, whether they are new to investing or have years of experience.

At BinckBank, we offer our clients a free service where they can learn to understand their investment and develop a slid strategy." BinckBank customers recieve many benefits, including the flexibility to call a portfolio manager at any time, sign up for educational webinars to help them develop their trading strategy and stay up to date with our daily financial updates, weekly Market Reporters and Binck Café via Youtube.


 At Binck, portfolio managers are available for private consultations via telephone or Skype

You can also connect with Kasper Huijsman, Director of Binck Spain and Portugal

via linkedIN or

by email at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. BINCKOFFER


Blevins Franks Financial Management 

Securing financial peace of mind in Portugal

Blevins Franks has 45 years’ experience providing cross-border tax, pensions, estate planning and investment advice to British expatriates in Southern Europe.

With advisers based in Portugal for over two decades, they can help you understand your options and structure your finances in the most tax-efficient way possible for your life abroad.

How Blevins Franks supports expatriates in Portugal

Blevins Franks offers a whole suite of services under one roof, including:

Tax planning: Minimise taxes on income, capital gains, pensions, wealth and inheritances and make the most of the non-habitual residence (NHR) regime.

Investment management: Protect and grow your wealth through an investment strategy designed to suit your circumstances and goals.

Estate planning: Ensure your legacy ends up in the right hands at the right time without unnecessary taxation.

Pension planning: Explore all your options to provide financial security and maintain the lifestyle you want throughout retirement.

With offices in the Algarve and Lisbon areas, the local Blevins Franks advisers have in-depth understanding of Portugal’s tax and succession rules and are UK-regulated, providing a genuinely holistic approach to financial planning on your doorstep. Being expatriates themselves, the team also has first-hand experience of the wider issues faced by UK nationals and can recommend quality, English-speaking providers for related services where you live.


You can download free tax, Brexit and pension guides, order the Blevins Franks ‘Living In Portugal’ book and keep up-to-date with the latest tax and financial news for UK nationals living in Europe at


Blevins Franks Financial Management Limited (BFFM) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, reference number 179731. Where advice is provided outside the UK, via the Insurance Distribution Directive or the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, the applicable regulatory system differs in some respects from that of the UK. Blevins Franks Trustees Limited is authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority for the administration of trusts and companies. Blevins Franks Tax Limited provides taxation advice; its advisers are fully qualified tax specialists. This promotion has been approved and issued by BFFM.