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The Portugal News 1977 to 2020

We never stop growing, expanding and creating new ways to better serve our readers. In 43 years, we have progressed from reaching a handful of local readers to reaching over 100,000 readers a week through our print edition, website, social media and other channels.The newspaper first appeared in August 1977 produced from a back room and very limited resources. Rapid growth and readership followed quickly. In 1980 The Algarve Magazine was launched alongside the newspaper, the first monthly glossy magazine for the Algarve. In the early 90’s "The Algarve Magazine" was taken out of production and all our recourses turned into expanding the newspaper.

In the early 90’s The Portugal News was the first English language newspaper to launch a website. Very limited compared with what you see today, but it was the foundation of what was to come. From small beginnings into the multi-language site thousands of people enjoy today.

We pride ourselves in being the first publication to launch new initiatives. The first local (Algarve) Portuguese English language newspaper, the first country specific international exhibitions, the first local newspaper website. The Portugal News also owns the International Algarve Fair, the largest expat exhibition held anywhere in Portugal, now in its 15th year and regularly attracting many thousands of visitors.

 Edition 120, 8 May 1987

Edition 120, 8 May 1987


 New CEO at The Portugal News

The Portugal News welcomes Richard Clingen to the company as the new CEO

Richard's love of Portugal led to him moving permanently to the Algarve with his new partner to, he thought, retire.

During the lock down period Richard, born and raised in Belfast, volunteered with Algarve Network for Families in Need delivering food to needy families with India Sampson who introduced him to her sister Daisy, Head of Editorial at the Portugal News. This introduction led to him purchasing a majority interest in The Portugal News and taking over day to day management of the company from Paul Luckman.

With a background in music festivals, Richard has been involved with Mean Fiddler Music in the UK, Benicassim in Spain, The Hop Farm in Kent, Forbidden Fruit in Dublin, Laneways in Singapore and Australia and with Red Rooster in the UK. In addition to music, he has been involved in a number of online marketing, media, leisure and property development companies worldwide after finishing a corporate career with Cable and Wireless as Director of Sales for the Caribbean. In Portugal many years ago he worked with Marconi International and Portugal Telecom.

A dynamic and energic character by nature, he is extremely excited to have the opportunity to take The Portugal News to the next phase of its development. He is looking forward to serving the expatriate community, visitors and businesses on the Algarve in particular and Portugal in general with current news and views. Richard said: “In these strange times it is particularly important to have a semblance of normality and to keep our readers informed of developments locally and around the globe”.

Richard will be visiting as many businesses as the situation allows over the coming months.


Richard and Paul

New CEO Richard Clingen with Publisher Paul Luckman


 The beginning of a new era

With effect from this month (October), Richard Clingen has been appointed as the CEO of The Portugal News, he also becomes the majority share holder.

Paul Luckman remains a shareholder and Publisher of the newspaper. Asked for his comment on this major change, Paul was very clear: “I have held the rains for over 40 years and it’s a great pleasure to hand them over to Richard, he will be in the driving seat now but I will still be there bringing the knowledge I have gained over 40 years of doing business in Portugal to support him and the publication.

The Portugal News is the major and largest readership English language publication in Portugal, a position we fully intend to keep and improve”.

He added: “We face challenging times with a fast changing market, and that brings many challenges”.  Richard’s broad business and financial background gives him the drive and knowledge to take up these challenges.  

“Richard’s plans for the future of The Portugal News are exciting and far reaching. Expect major expansion, details are to be found throughout this section,” concluded Paul.

The vision of The Portugal News remains the same, to be the leading force in building business in Portugal, the best destination in Europe, if not one of the best in the world as endless independent surveys and reports reveal.

These plans demand a new vision and a team to bring them into reality. Our existing team remains, but new specialists are being recruited to drive the vision. The colloquial phrase “you ain’t seen nothing yet” is used to indicate that however extreme or impressive something may seem; it will be overshadowed by what is to come.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet” seems entirely appropriate of the major expansion of the readership of The Portugal News, in print and online, something that we will be of great benefit to local businesses and the destination itself.

Just like our readers and advertisers, we support Portugal because we believe it is a destination without equal in Europe.


A clear voice for Portugal

The Portugal News has always prided itself on providing high quality, unbiased reporting from Portugal, and this ethos continues today and into the future.

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The young and dynamic team of British, German and Portuguese journalists work daily to bring readers the very latest news and features from around the country, with news being updated daily on the website and weekly in the printed edition.

Although initially established in print, the focus for the future is to be able to reach as many readers as possible across all platforms.  The paper continues to be printed weekly and distributed widely for free across the Algarve and is also available all around the rest of Portugal.  For those who are looking for their daily dose of news then the website is the best place to read all the very latest news, seven days a week.  News from The Portugal News is also available in daily updates across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with new platforms to be launched very soon to ensure that everyone has easy access to our content.

Our news is always apolitical and we strive to bring balanced articles to readers.  We write articles with the aim of helping to inform the expat community and foreign visitors about all that is happening in Portugal and with a strong focus on highlighting the positive news taking place in the country.

Not only do we bring news to our readers, there are a number of features, views, opinion and freelance articles to give a broad picture of life in Portugal.

The strong foundation and reputation of the newspaper has been based on the many years of dedicated work by the teams of journalists who have worked together to create The Portugal News and this will continue well into the future as the paper expands and grows.


Serving the community

The Portugal News has always been a part of the local community and the opinions, feedback and interaction with visitors and residents in Portugal continues to be key to the success of the paper.

Our community pages are an important resource for numerous charities, associations and clubs as a means of communicating news and developments taking place across Portugal.  If you are part of a club, association, charity or group, then we are always happy to hear from you and to ensure that you receive the exposure that you need to get your message out there.  Whether you are a local sports club, are involved in fund raising or are looking for new members, we remain dedicated to sharing this information with the community.

The letters page of the newspaper is also a popular place for readers to share their opinions, not only about articles in the newspaper but also about anything else that may have piqued their interest.  Often controversial, but always of interest, our readers letters have long been one of the focal points of the newspaper and this has also grown online.  The comments section at the end of each article is often a place for readers to share their views and engage in lively debate about subjects, while our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow readers to share the news directly with their friends and family and to also make their opinions heard.

The Portugal News also continues to get out and about in the community itself, meeting with individuals, businesses and groups, to delve deeper into the people that make up Portugal and to share their stories with readers.  This allows us to bring you the stories that you want to read and can relate to while shining a light on unsung heroes and hidden gems of Portugal.

Make your voice heard and share your stories with us at The Portugal News

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Your Marketing Department in the Algarve

The Portugal News reaches around 50,000 people on the Algarve at the moment each week through our newspaper and there are plans to increase this to 75,000 people based on a print run of 25,000 and the industry average of 3 people reading each copy.

Whilst the paper currently reaches a small amount of people in Lisbon, the Cascais area and in Porto there are plans to grow in these areas too. We have increased the distribution of the paper and are trialling new delivery methods in certain areas.

Online each month we have approximately 2 million page impressions, 600,000 unique visitors and an average visit time of nearly 6 minutes. Around 30% of the traffic comes from the UK, 25% from Portugal, 20% from North America, 5% Ireland and 4% South Africa with the remaining from other countries. These are people that have a clear interest in Portugal. We have plans to grow the online traffic in a variety of innovative ways, a couple of examples being the site in foreign languages and providing added value content.

Social media is probably a better indication of customer interaction and The Portugal News has around 70,000 Facebook followers. This is a clear area for growth and will take in other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter as we reach new younger viewers.

The Portugal News is taking a unique approach to helping your businesses grow here on the Algarve by producing integrated strategic marketing plans and campaigns with key messages targeted at the audience you wish to attract.

Hand Shake

We make the effort to understand your business, what your unique selling points are, what you wish to achieve for your business and then together we set business and financial objectives producing communications plans to achieve the objectives. These communications plans may include media outside of the Portugal News media set or indeed outside of the country as our intention and focus is the growth of your business. As such we truly are an extension of your marketing department.

The Early Adopters, the businesses that can quickly see the value in this approach, the businesses that realise it is the right time to spend on innovative marketing, are seeing good results. We cater for all businesses large and small, so if you would like to grow your business please contact one of our Sales and Marketing Managers.

Growing the market 

We here at The Portugal News though are very ambitious. We have plans not just to grow your businesses but we have plans to “grow” the market. This will involve bringing in new people, new businesses, new services and new products and this will help every single business directly or indirectly. Whilst Tourism and Real Estate are the current drivers of industry, here on the Algarve there can be so much more.

These are exciting times and plans so we hope you will support us as after all we are all one here on the Algarve in particular and Portugal in general.


New initiatives for readers and businesses


One of the innovative initiatives The Portugal News has recently introduced online and in the paper are new sections that llow our readers to  understand in more detail about businesses here in the Algarve and in Portugal. These businesses are here to serve, so it is important that they can explain their services and products, giving specific information so our readers can make informed choices.


As you are probably aware, online The Portugal News has now launched in German, Dutch, French and Spanish , so it is not just English speaking readers that can find out what is going on in Portugal.  

The Portugal News serves all nationalities giving them a unbiased news service, as after all we are all one.

We have a member of staff for each language.

  • German - Kim contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Spanish - Isabel contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • French - Ian contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Dutch - Scarlett contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Page2 Flags

The Portugal News launches in new languages.


The Portugal News will launch online a number of news services for our readers and viewers, the first being a new Property Portal. This service will be free for all real estate agents and will give our viewers the best properties available in the Algarve in particular and Portugal in general. Our online viewers clearly have Portugal close to their hearts, as that is why they visit our site and as regards property who would not want to live in this paradise?


Here at The Portugal News, charity is close to our hearts so you have probably noticed that we launched the Peoples Page. This page is dedicated  to a charity each week and also a sponsor of that charity.

The Portugal News gives 100% of the money received for this page from the sponsor to the Charity. The charity gets to promote what they do to serve the community and asks for volunteers and donations. In these times volunteering is so important to help others even if it is just an hour or two of your time. It is not difficult and the People's Page makes it easy for our readers. The sponsor, for their generous act of contribution has an article about what they do. The Portugal News does not set  a specific charge for the page, leaving it up to the sponsor to decide what they want to contribute so this could be anywhere from €1 to €1,000 or even more if the charity has a particularly generous benefactor! The donations of course can be anonymous.

For more information on this page please contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Working to serve your business

Over the decades The Portugal News has always been the go to medium for businesses to reach their customers in print. Now we have expanded to online and social media reaching customers not just on the Algarve or Portugal but world wide.

Here are a just a few of our advertisers:

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The team behind the news

The team at The Portugal News continues to work behind the scenes to bring our readers the very best in news from across Portugal. Some members of the newspaper have been with the company for many years, while others have joined the ever expanding team more recently, however they all share the common goal of creating a newspaper that readers want to read each day and every week.

Meet the team:

  • Daisy Sampson - Head of Editorial and Production team
  • Kim Schiffmann - Journalist writing in English and German
  • Paula Martins - Journalist
  • Jake Cleaver - Journalist
  • Linda Reeve - Head of Production team
  • Nuno Bentes - Graphic designer
  • Bruno G. Santos - Up and coming journalist
  • Samantha Hoather - Accounts and administration
  • Nancy Pardon - Sales administration and People's Page


Meet your Sales and Marketing team

The well established sales team works to bring businesses the best marketing solutions for their companies across the Algarve and Portugal by producing bespoke sales and marketing plans, tailored to the specific needs of each individual business.

Meet the team:

  • Adrian Wood - Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Andy Sykes - Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Sónia Seixas - Assistant to CEO
  • Madison Marum - Marketing Assistant
  • Susan Roberts - Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Bella de Rose - Sales and Marketing Manager


Visit us online at or grab your printed copy to access further information!



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