Welcome to StreetLife Animal Sterilisation Programme

We support the sterilisation of pet dogs & strays in the East Algarve

To date we have sterilised 450 local dogs

StreetLife is a non-profit organisation staffed and run entirely by unpaid volunteers.  We started in September 2017 as an initiative from a group of animal lovers who want to reduce the number of stray and abandoned animals in the East Algarve through a programme of sterilisations.

There are several shelters across the Algarve and they are all overflowing with abandoned animals, many of which come from local families.  We have worked in / with some of these shelters so know the problems first-hand.  Fund-raising groups and volunteers do a great job supporting the shelters, but our idea is to try to reduce the number of litters in the first place, through a programme of sterilisation of both pets and strays.

Litters of puppies from unsterilised pets are a particular problem because many pet owners will not have unplanned pregnancies terminated, preferring to dump the puppies in waste bins, cardboard boxes, plastic bags or at shelters to get rid of the problem.  

Many pet owners do not sterilise their animals because they simply cannot (or will not) afford the veterinary costs involved, and so the problem continues, unfortunately.

The cost of a sterilisation in Portugal compared to the average salary is a problem for many local families.  If it’s a choice of feeding their family or getting their dog sterilised – the choice is obvious. 

This is what StreetLife is all about. . . we help to reduce suffering, cruelty, neglect and overcrowding in Animal Shelters by reducing the number of unwanted puppies and strays.  We can only achieve this with the help of our supporters.

Thank you for visiting our virtual stand at BLiP . . . we hope you will be a StreetLife supporter and contact us soon about becoing a StreetBuddy ( or make a donation  We look forward to hearing from you.

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