practice portuguese logo white outline is an online platform for learning European Portuguese. We teach Portuguese as it’s spoken in Portugal, with an emphasis on high-quality listening practice.

We have developed over 100 units of interactive, self-guided lessons that target reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

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Along the way, there are easy-to-follow grammar guides and a spaced repetition flash cards system to help you review and remember what you learn.



We also provide learning within a more realistic context via audio dialogues and articles recorded by native European Portuguese speakers. They come with Portuguese/English transcripts, vocabulary and expressions lists, and comprehension quizzes. In addition, the site includes a verb conjugation module, a free podcast, and a whole library of animated and live videos.


Travel is complicated these days, so we strive to give our members a place to experience the language and culture of Portugal within the safety of their own homes.


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