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Learning Portuguese in our school is enriching because our teaching method combines the classroom classes with cultural activities to gain a deeper understanding of the language through continuous contact with various aspects of Portuguese society.



We think that the most enjoyable way to learn Portuguese is living together and interacting with Portuguese people and exploring the fantastic things the city has to offer.

Our main goal is providing a rapid and comprehensive learning process for our students while striving to offer a fabulous and remarkable stay in Lisbon!!!

Come and learn Portuguese with us, and experience something truly memorable!!!

The Portuguese Connection School is the most well-reviewed school in Portugal to learn Portuguese!

Wait wait wait, you can't come to Lisbon? No problem, we have the solution! You would like to learn Portuguese but cannot come to Portugal? Feeling sad because your Portuguese course in Lisbon ended and you miss it already? Want to continue learning and studying Portuguese?

Problem solved!

Welcome to your Portuguese Online course

Why Learn Portuguese Online?

Save time and money

Flexible schedules

Permanent access to learning materials/resources

Avoid the hassles of commuting to class

Total support from our teachers

Learn from your most comfortable place

Why Learning the Portuguese Language online with Portuguese Connection School?

Certified school by DGERT (Ministry of Education of Portugal)

Highly qualified teachers

Very supportive staff

Years of experience teaching Portuguese to students from all over the world

Interactive, enjoyable and well-structured classes

Interactive materials

Certified/Accredited diploma (DGERT) at the end of the course

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Cellphone: (+351) 929 180 878

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