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Southern Portugal all year round

Welcome to Portimão, a municipality filled with unforgettable experiences

At Europe's far south-western tip, close to where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean come together, lies a land that has been blessed with stunning natural beauty and a wonderful climate. That land is Portimão. Some eight kilometres of magnificent golden sandy beaches, against a harmonious backdrop of ochre cliffs, embraced by sunshine, deep blue skies and the crystal-clear turquoise of the sea truly make this a dream destination. 



Close your eyes and feel that unique friendliness inviting you to experience a host of new sensations in a very special place. Give yourself over to the delights of a place where old and new, day and night, seashore and countryside, leisure and entertainment are always on hand.

River, countryside, sea and beach, take your pick from Portimão's huge variety of fresh air activities. The mild climate, stunning scenery, safe, direct access to the sea and the quality of the infrastructures all combine to make Portimão a favourite destination for outdoor sports on land, in the air or at sea. 


Portimão Marina is a prime location for water sport aficionados, offering the ideal conditions for competitive or recreational activities, while boat trips to the caves or along the River Arade are available from the waterfronts in Portimão and Alvor.

Golfers will be delighted to practise their strokes on one of four top quality courses in the area. Feel the adrenaline rush that comes with driving a top-of-the-range car or a Porsche at top speed around the Algarve's international motor racing circuit. A panoramic journey, a first-ever experience of parachuting and sky diving are some of the other exciting adventures on offer that will bring a sparkle to your eyes as you think back on them.

If you enjoy fish and seafood, there is no better place to enjoy the freshest fish, prepared in the most traditional way and, of course, the famous grilled sardines, served between the bridges linking the two banks of the River Arade. Try a combination of traditional flavours from land and sea, followed by a favourite local dessert and all washed down with one of the region's wines, and fall even more in love with Portimão.


Besides all the above, there are many features that you’ll not find anywhere else in the Algarve and are available all year round

Race Track https://autodromodoalgarve.com/pt

Skyding center https://www.skydivealgarve.com/pt-pt

Underwater park http://www.oceanrevival.org/pt


Welcome to Portimão, a municipality filled with unforgettable experiences!

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