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POOLAZ - Pool’s and Spa’s

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Who we are

30 years ago, the founder of PoolAZ, started his activity based on technical assistance and equipment installation for swimming pools, throughout the Algarve. Expanding his knowledge and experience towards the construction field and swimming pool maintenance, PoolAZ counts with 15 years of know-how.

PoolAz is the result of all this experience, not only in the Algarve region, but also throughout Portugal, it has been on the market officially as a brand for over two years now, and continues to grow, constantly updated with pool market new trends, both in the construction and maintenance field as well as the various products applied, in order to match the client’s needs.

Poolaz is specialized on swimming pool construction and renovation, water treatment systems, maintenance of swimming pools and gardens, commercialization of chemical products and others, both for professional and retail clients.

Why do we stand out?

We believe in providing efficient and quality support to the client, we are present and we always looking for the best solution, taking into account the client’s needs, respecting the balance between quality and price.

We provide a professional service and we commit ourselves to creativity and innovation, in order to meet and satisfy the expectations of our clients.

We look for adjusted solutions to leverage a better decision making!

 Service List

    1. Pool and Garden construction and renovation
    2. Maintenance
    3. Water treatment equipment’s
    4. Technical Assistance Service
    5. Air conditioning
    6. Chemical Products
    7. Wellness equipment’s and installation
    8. Others: Artificial jungle and Professional Pool and Spa Analyzer





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For more information please contact: 

Phone 927612557

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.