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“Outubro Rosa” and the Mamamaratona 20

Have you ever been curious to know what “Pink October” is and why “pink color” is so highly valued during this month?
Because knowledge does not occupy a place and, in this case, it can even save your life and help save the life of your neighbour, we will summarise it with the meaning of the expression “Pink October” and ask you to inform / alert about it, if you so wish and whenever appropriate, the people around you.

“Pink October” is an international movement to raise awareness of the enormous importance of breast cancer prevention.

The symbolic color, representative of breast cancer, chosen by this movement, was the color pink, most often used in ties or other garments. Also the pink lighting of spaces, facades, bridges, statues, doors or other areas carried out in October, all over the world, reminds us of the fight against breast cancer and its early diagnosis. That is why it is usual for the Oncological Association of the Algarve (AOA) to hold the Mamamarathon (MM) in October, an event that has the following objectives:

Alert for cancer awareness and prevention, particularly breast cancer;

Raising awareness of a healthy lifestyle, through physical exercise;

Raising funds for this cause to fight cancer and support cancer patients and their families.

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This year, the 20th edition of the initiative will be in a virtual format, which will take place from the 18th to the 30th of October and the challenge is to participate, at home or outdoors, on a suitable day and time, be it the WALK; RUN; PEDAL; SWIM; CLIMBING UP; in INDOOR or OUTDOOR, limit the imaginary of each one, as long as it avoids concentrations of people.

The event is associated with the contest “The Most Creative Photos MM 20”.

To participate, it is necessary for the participant to publish a photo, during the event, that evidences the official MM20 t-shirt and his participation in the initiative, identifying the AOA on Instagram (@aoalgarve_oficial) or on Facebook (@AOAlgarve) and putting the hashtag # MM20.

The 22 entries considered most original, will win prizes (conditions in the regulation of the competition, available on the event's website), among which, vouchers for accommodation in five-star hotels, dinners for two, massages and much more.

For registration and other information contact:
www.mamamaratona.com  | Tel. 289 807 531 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In conclusion and for reflection:

if you are sensitive to this cause why not use, or encourage, during the month of October, the symbolism of the color pink in the fight against breast cancer ?!

Participation in Mamamarathon 20 is a suggestion!

#Juntosporumacausa #MM20

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