Kiki is my name and I run Kiki Trips Portugal in the Algarve.

As an experienced travel and hiking guide I am passionate not only about the Algarvian wildlife but also about the history and culture of the area. Specific knowledge about wild herbs, edible flowers, indigenous animals and in springtime the wild orchids are my main interest. 

I devotedly guide people in a safe way along the most stunning and interesting paths which are always the off beaten, more unknown tracks in the Algarve. Into the countryside, along the lake, through the forest, on top of cliffs and across the beach we go. Combining my trips always with a little extra. Some dance along the way, blueberry picking, mindfulness,...

Outdoors is simply my thing and sharing it with others even more.

As an experienced walking guide I have more than 60 routes up my sleeve, all over the Algarve. From easy, short and flat ones to longer and more technical challenging paths. Alternating beach-cliff walks and inland rural walks to keep it interesting and variable. I organise active holidays in the Algarve which I lead and also day trips in summer are my core business. 

Along the way I explain about wild herbs, edible plants, orchids and birds. Also the cultural background and history of Portugal and more specific the Algarve will be topics coming up during the experiences. 

Small groups is what I focus on. This allows me to pay more attention to detail and the soul behind the human. 

Find my monthly column in the free 'Tomorrow Algarve magazine' and read all about typical Algarvian nature and how I relate to it.

Selection of reviews:

Andrew Riedel: 'Kiki's Divine Dine In The Wild was fantastic fun. Learned a lot about the flora and fauna and alcohol! of Portugal) and met some wonderful people. This really is a must do adventure. The dining area they set up in the wild was lovely, as was the food. We will do more of Kiki's trips'

Emily Starr: ‘We have attended the Divine Dine twice. A fantastic trip. KiKi is an amazing host and her attention to detail is fantastic. A very chilled out evening in a beautiful setting with great food and people..’🙂