Welcome to afpop, the largest Association for foreign residents and property owners in Portugal. Established in 1987 and with over 7,200 current Members, afpop is a non-profit, Public Utility Association, whose aims are to support and keep our Members informed and to negotiate financial Benefits with service providers and businesses.

We all need a reliable source of information, particularly when we live or own property in a country where language is an issue, and the events of this year have proven that we can never know when we’ll need more than just information. UPDATE magazine, available in print and on-line, brings that information to Members.

When the information is urgent, our 'News From afpop' mailings keep you up to date and bring you the facts, not the rumour, about what is happening that affects your life. Never has that been more important perhaps than this year and the testimonials and referrals from our Members regarding the information and support given to them throughout this year’s Coronavirus pandemic, is indication of their appreciation for the support that they receive from THEIR Association. 


Over 400 businesses and service providers, saving Members far more than the cost of their annual Membership


Helping Members to meet regularly with others and enjoy friendship and new experiences in a convivial and welcoming atmosphere.


All this for one small annual payment, which amounts to less than the price of a ‘café com leite’ a week.

afpop really is ...

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