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If you are looking for different and sustainable solutions to improve the comfort of your home, please remember that Infrared Heating will always be the best option for your health!

At Evoluimos Comercio, we got several systems that warm like the sun, saving energy, with easy installation and user friendly devices - for inside and outside as well! 

 Patio Outside Heating (Solamagic)

solamagic produtos

 Infrared inside Heating (Stone radiator by Duotherm)

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 Fastly warming, ultrathin Floorheating (AHT)


 We also know, that the heating of your place, does not only depend on the heating system itself. Therefore we have several solutions to sort out your humidity problems and improve insulation. Dry walls improve your comfort, and if you need to paint your house, be sure to know the advantages of Thermoshield Coatings – a paint that saves energy in so many ways!

 Thermical Coating Paint (Thermoshield)


 Wall Drying System (Drymat)

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We got products to increase the value of your home, and we can also rise your level of security using infrasound technology that warns you, before a burglar comes inside!

Infrasound Alarm System (Suritec)

Suritec im Wohnzimmer

More than innovation, Evoluimos Comercio gives you avant-garde solutions, using Infrared, Infrasound and Ultraviolet products for several applications.

Get to know us and learn about our different products.

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