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Welcome to DUO-THERMO, Portugals no. 1 infrared heating systems company. Established in 1998, Duo-Thermo offers several heating solutions, such as natural stone heaters, invisible in-wall heating blocks, different floor heating solutions or heating radiators for exterior areas. Moreover, our client may choose between several options to personalize his heating system. 



Scientific researches have proven, that the principle of radiation heating increases the energy efficiency by about 30%, compared to conventional convection heaters. This is due to the homogeneous heat diffusion, making that the infrared heat waves pass through the air, colliding with the solid objects in the room. By this way, heat is stored in solid objects, such as walls or the floor, impeding it from escaping easily through open windows.

Apart of the high energy efficiency of IR radiation heaters, humidity is kept constantly on the best level – maintaining a healthy and comfortable ambience, while not consuming the oxygen.

This is the secret of our Duo-Thermo heating solutions – and why we assure a comfortable, healthy and ecologic climate in your home.



We have a variety of heating solutions, for almost every problem. No matter if you need floor, wall or ceiling heater, if it should be a piece of design or quite invisible, we have the ideal heating system for you. Get to know our main heating systems:

    • Natural Stone Radiator – Duo-Therm® Deluxe
    • In-Wall Heating Block
    • Electric Floor Heating
    • Exterior Infrared Heaters
    • Ceiling Heaters
    • And many other solutions

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  1. Natural Stone Radiator

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A Comfortable Heating Solution You May Personalise


The Duo-Therm® Deluxe natural stone radiator, is an innovative electric heating system, working with the infrared heating principle.


This system, which is patented by Duo-Them®, consists of a stone on the front, which may be chosen by the client. Not only the stone type, but also the surface may be adapted on many ways, assuring a variety of possible options, according to our clients’ taste. On its back you may find an electric resistance on form of nano particles, covering the surface of a tempered glass.

The fixing supports were conceived to provoke the effect of a “floating” stone radiator.

Installing this system is relatively easy, making it possible to take your radiators with you, in case you decide to change your home.

You may turn your heating system perfect, by choosing the thermostat controller that best fits your needs. We offer a large variety, from a simple analogic to a programmable thermostat, which connects to your cell phone.

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Available Duo-Therm® Deluxe models:


*depending on insulation and geographical location of the house

Get to know our large variety of stones and surface reworks – visit our website www.duo-thermo.pt or pass by our show room in Boliqueime – Sítio da Maritenda E.N. 125.


2. In-Wall Heating Block

Invisible Heating at your home

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This heating solution is built into the wall, uniting the advantages of both heating systems: floor heating & natural stone wall radiator, amongst which are:

    • Invisible heating – no influence in the room design
    • Highest energy efficiency – all heat remains in the wall, being then radiated to both sides of the wall
    • Walls remain warm and dry – no humidity or mould
    • Very homogeneous heat, spread throughout the entire wall – creating a comfortable and healthy climate
    • No smells, emissions, or sounds
    • No maintenance needed

Moreover, this system may be used in bathrooms, not only drying out the walls, but also keeping mirrors defogged as well as heating & drying towels.

The most efficiency is obtained when the heating block is installed in interior walls. By those means, not only the room where it is installed will be heated. Remaining heat will help heating up the room on the other side of the same wall.

In order to install the in-wall heating block, the constructor needs to open a niche of about 5cm depth, and the approximate size of the heating block. The remaining wall remains free to be decorated or used with shelves, pictures, etc.

The heating block is controlled by a thermostat, which controls the room temperature. We offer a large variety of different thermostats, from a simple analogic to a programmable thermostat, which connects to your cell phone.

Available In-Wall Heating Blocks:


*depending on insulation and geographical location of the house


 3. Electric Underfloor Heating 

One System – Different Approaches
No heat pumps, no deposits, no electric valves nor any other components with a reduced longevity, occupying unnecessary space in your house. We have a solution, which is more economic, easier to install and needs no maintenance – specially compared to water underfloor heating!

With our Etherma® Duo-Therm® underfloor systems, you may customize not only which areas you want to have underfloor heating, but also control them individually at any time. An individual thermostat for each room assures maximum comfort, helping reduce the consumption.

You have a finished house and still want to warm your floor? No problem – amongst our floor heating systems, we have Laminotherm – a heating mat with only 2mm of thickness. It was specially conceived to be directly placed under laminated parquet. No gluing, no fixing, just place it under your parquet.

Any of our underfloor systems has been tested under various conditions, by Europe’s best quality institutions, such as VDE and ÖVE. Moreover, a special protection coating filters unhealthy EMG radiation. At last, multifilar, bipolar cables assure a high longevity of our products.

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Available Electric Underfloor Heating Systems:


4. Exterior Infrared Heaters

For big or exterior areas

Enjoying the magnificent view of your terrace or drinking a pleasant “café com leite” on the garden of your favourite café during the winter season is no problem – thanks to our infrared heating radiators for exterior areas.

Powered by a special infrared lamp, these systems have been specially conceived for open areas or spaces hard to be heated (e.g. churches, lounges or welcome areas with very high ceilings).

All radiators work are powered by German technology- Their great advantage in comparison with other exterior radiators are:

    • No air burning – hence a better & more comfortable ambience
    • No danger of explosion
    • Higher efficiency
    • Lower consumption


Get to know our large variety of IR—radiators, with many options of customization, such as:

    • Powers between 500W (for baby changing rooms) up to 4000W
    • Different colours (of the radiator and of the lamp shining)
    • Dark radiators (with no visible light emission)
    • Remote controls or controlling via a mobile app / Bluetooth
    • And many more

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Other Solutions

 In order to assure an exclusive heating experience, we have generated a series of different add-ons and applications for your Duo-Therm® heating system. Some of them are:

    • Towel holders
    • Towel dryers
    • Personalized decoration – on the Duo-Therm® Deluxe and the LAVA® heating systems
    • Programmable and remotely controllable thermostats
    • Mirror defogging systems
    • Heating carpets
    • Different underfloor heating solutions (for house entries, exterior areas, steps, etc.)



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