Many houses in Portugal, old as well as new houses, are suffering from rising damp problems, due to lack of dampcourses, drainingsystems, inadequat buildingproceders etc, paint and sometimes plaster is peeling of the walls and moldy smells are appearing. During a period over 10 years of testing and developping in germany a system has been established to eliminate and prevent future rising damp for once and for all. A small box (20 x 20 cm) is giving magnetic pulses which direct the watermolecules in the walls towards under the foundation and to remain there and never come back, your house is dry now (after 1,5 till 2 years), now you will save 25 till 65% on your heating costs, dehumidifiers (which costs a lot of energy and do increase the rising dampproblem) are not needed anymore, the sometimes yearly repairs on plaster and paint are history now and living in a house without all that humidity is much better for our health.

The drymat box is installed in the middle of the house 20 cm under the ceiling, does not make any noise, does not need any maintenance, has a money back guarantee and a 20 years guarantee on the unit (however after a test in a time accellerating machine the unit was still working 100% after 35 years) and only takes €10 electricity a year.

Would you be interested in a completely free humidity survey, please mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.drymatportugal.com  (references on the website in english, portuguese and dutch)