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Bodhi Flow was born from the need to find a balance between body and mind, considering the individual adaptation process that it implies.

In an era of knowledge, we have reached a point where there is too much dispersed information, so that it becomes difficult to perceive who is right about specific matters.

That being said, we hope to filter and provide essential information, knowledge acquired over the years, through training and through personal experiences, and therefore make it available in order to help all our clients to achieve their personal/professional goals and positively influence the achievement of a balanced quality of life, in a consistent and conscious way. 

Bodhi Flow is a national brand registered under nÂș 599501 since 7/24/2018, it covers different areas, ranging from nutrition /supplementation, personal coaching, physical and intellectual development, neurocognitive training, meditation, yoga and pilates, etc...

We reach out in the form of face-to-face individual or group appointments, through workshops and events and through virtual media.

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Phone: 965 553 798

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