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If you are looking for a TV system to watch UK TV  in Spain, Portugal, France or anywhere else in the World using your internet connection you have come to the right place. Our boxes plug straight into your TV's HDMI port & connect to your router using either a network cable or wifi.
Channels from more than forty other countries are available too. Our new systems allow you to catch up on 80+ channels for a week as well as providing one touch recording capabilities to the cloud. That means you set your recording schedule from the program guide and your selections are stored online for you to watch later.

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Please bear in mind we aren’t just sellers of boxes – we are software engineers who have designed and implemented this platform, and can provide professional and expert advice to all customers both at home and abroad.

Don’t confuse these products with cheap inferior poorly made clones peddled by every Tom Dick & Harry on the web.

Our systems are in continuous development and we remotely support all our products.

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