FABY Health Clinic & Beauty Salon

In existence for over 20 years, Faby Hair & Beauty Salon is one of the premiere references of successful businesses in the Algarve.

Most of our products are exclusive and only contain natural and healthy ingredients that will give you a better look as well as slowing down any hair loss. Come and visit our salon located in the historical section of Lagos. We have a muti-cultural staff in constant innovative training that is here to help you take care of your looks and appearance.




 Authorized representative of Body Health and Cryo Frequency in the Algarve and authorized by Corporate (Argentina) to utilize these videos:


Rua 25 de Abril, nº7, sala 7, Lagos, Portugal

+351 282 768 431

 Mon-Fri 9h > 19h // Sat 9h > 13h

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Village Fitness


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In a large area of activity, from nutrition, group classes to more personalized work associated with pathologies or sports performance, the Village is the ideal place to take care of your body and mind. Located in a privileged area, with excellent conditions in 1400m2, offers spaces integrated in the architecture of the club, characterized by its amplitude, modernity, elegance, comfort, natural light and good parking.

In order to be a reference gym, it has a qualified team focused on the national and foreign customer, providing the best quality in all the services it offers. All training sessions are properly planned and monitored so that together we can achieve your goals.

Expanded and modernized in March 2020 we present to all who wish to be part of the family a great diversity of training and equipment.

Differentiated by the team, the quality and diversity of group classes, the constant training given to the staff that allows us to provide the best and most credible service.

Your quality of life is our priority!

Our mission to improve lives, every day! 


New memberships with 10% discount on our monthly fee

and special price for advance payments


Welcome to our healing studio.

Our aim for today is to introduce you to our holisitic treatments that will not only benefit your body but also your mind. And even better news is that we are offering DISCOUNTS for all visitors to these pages.

Just keep on reading to find out more

NaturalJokiFlowAlgarve therapists

Algarve Therapist Paul and Pasi Jokinen-Carter

As you read this list of symptoms:

- tension and stress
- pain
- anxiety and depression
- exhaustion
- unconfident

and you CAN identify with at least one, we are confident that we CAN assist you by identifying the possible causes and providing a treatment that offers:
Holistic Treatments:

Counselling (60 minutes - a minimum of 6 sessions is recommended)
A face to face talking therapy (can also be conducted on-line during the currrent Covid crisis) that can help clients overcome a wide range of issues that include: anxiety and depression, sexual identity, grief and loss, lack of confidence and feeling stuck in a stale or toxic relationship.

Holisitic Full body Massage (60 minutes - 90 minutes)
A relaxing and energising treatment for the whole body. It also helps to release tension stuck in the body, lower blood pressure, regenerate the cells of the body, eliminate toxins and boost the immune system. 

A treatment that can help clients to achieve their ideal weight, give up smoking, overcome a phobia and boost their confidence.


Indian Head Massage (from 30 minutes and so ideal for a lunch hour treatment)
A face, head and shoulders massaget that is not only relaxing but energising too. If you work at a computer alday most likely you have a lot of tension in your neck and shoulders. Indian Head Massage can really target those areas that are holding stress and tension.

Mobilisation Therapy (1. 5 hours for the first treatment, and then either 1 hour or 1.5 hours)
A full body therapeutic treatment, ideal for people with painful conditions such as arthritis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, and scoliosis. Many of our clients are keen golf players and for them our treatment is ideal to help loosen up the muscles and joints that become overworked through repetitive movements.

Mobilisation for back

Mobilisation for knee

Mobilisation Frozen Shoulder


Reiki (from 30 minutes and so ideal for a lunch hour treatment)
This is a relaxing but healing energy treatment. It is a very ancient healing method that is ideal for stress release, to energise tired and aching bodies, boost the immune system and calm the body down. Many clients experience a warm sensation wherever the therapist places their hands. Clients also tell us that they have the best night's sleep in a long time after one of our treatments.

What to do next?
We work on an appointment basis and so please do get in touch before visiting our studio, all our contact details are highlighted below. What we initially offer is a complementary consultation over the phone. In this way we can assess very quickly the best treatment option for your mind and body at that moment in time.

Special offers for BLIP visitors
- For individuals, during the rest of October and for November we are offering a 15% discount on all treatments, excluding hypnosis (see below for a special lockdown prices). This makes a one hour treatment only 42,50 euros (normally 50,00 euros) and 1.5 hours is 59,50 (normally 70,00 euros)

- For couples or friends, living in the same household, we are offering a 25 euros discount for those who book treatments for the same day/time slot. For example two treatments for 1 hour is normally 100,00 euros, but with our special offer the total price is reduced to 75,00 euros.

- For people who would like a hypnosis session we are offering a lock down price of 75,00 euros for a 2 hour treatment (normal price is 150,00 euros)

Please quote this code when booking your appointment: BLiP 2020.

How to contact us
Telephone: 910 665 601 or 910 636 518
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NaturalJokiFLowwellness Reiki


Bodhi Flow was born from the need to find a balance between body and mind, considering the individual adaptation process that it implies.

In an era of knowledge, we have reached a point where there is too much dispersed information, so that it becomes difficult to perceive who is right about specific matters.

That being said, we hope to filter and provide essential information, knowledge acquired over the years, through training and through personal experiences, and therefore make it available in order to help all our clients to achieve their personal/professional goals and positively influence the achievement of a balanced quality of life, in a consistent and conscious way. 

Bodhi Flow is a national brand registered under nº 599501 since 7/24/2018, it covers different areas, ranging from nutrition /supplementation, personal coaching, physical and intellectual development, neurocognitive training, meditation, yoga and pilates, etc...

We reach out in the form of face-to-face individual or group appointments, through workshops and events and through virtual media.

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Please contact us for more details

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 965 553 798

Pages:  https://bodhiflow.negocio.site

Facebook - @bodhiflow

Instagram - @bodhi.flow

Brows with Sarah

Certified Eyebrow Microblading Artist in Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal

(Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-up)

Trained with PhiBrows London Academy






The Bungalow

Carvoeiro Clube de Tenis

Praia do Carvoeiro

Facebook: www.fb.me/browswithsarah

Instagram: @browswithsarah

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(+351) 914106721


For the BLiP week we can offer 20% off the initial/first treatment!