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Funeral Plan

By pre-organising your own funeral, you are ensuring that the particulars of the ceremony will be according to your wishes.

Servilusa´s Pre-Necessity Funeral Plan grants you freedom of choice and the possibility of making decisions in line with your wishes.

It also ensures that your family will not have unnecessary worries at such a sensitive time and protects them not only from the costs involved, but also from the bureaucratic processes involved with a funeral.

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Servilusa has several Pre-Necessity Funeral Plans, tailored to respond to different needs.

Discover the plan that best suits your wishes and choices.

Contact us via our website


or through 800 204 222 (free national call)



New Crematorium in Faro

On the 23rd September 2020 Servilusa opened the Faro Crematorium, which aims to provide all residents of the Intermunicipal Community of Faro with the choice of having a cremation service in the very best facilities.

Contact us on 800 204 222

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Servilusa is Portuguese company, integrated on one of Biggest European Funeral Group - Mémora based in Spain.

We provide quality funeral services with all professionalism and qualification.

Our company has certificate of QualityEnvironmentHuman Resources and Social Responsibility.

We have certificate of requirement of funeral service by European standard.

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Perform human and dignified funeral ceremonies that provide our customers, family and friends comfort in a difficult time.


  • Being an European reference, performing funerais.


  • Humanism
  • Dignity
  • Responsibility
  • Solidarity
  • lnovation
  • Professionalism


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Innovative Services

  • Memorial servisse
  • Ashes to the sea
  • Evoking
  • 1 nterest-free Credit
  • Plated Flower Silver/Gold
  • Jewel of Memory
  • Limousine
  • Fingerprint
  • Mini Bus
  • Moto Side-Car
  • Wake and funeral
  • Funeral Plan
  • Report photo
  • Report video
  • Portrait Painter/Artist
  • Tanatopraxia
  • Screen message memorial
  • Eco/Cork casket for ashes
  • Eco clothing
  • Wi-fi in the wake

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Specialized Services

  • Publication of Advertisement
  • Exclusive trames
  • Religious articles
  • Coffee shop
  • Call Center
  • Stonemason Service
  • Thank you cards
  • Official documents
  • Future Exhumations
  • Florist
  • Specialized and advanced cleaning
  • Prayer cards
  • Luxurious Cloths
  • Qualified Staff
  • lnternational Services
  • Exclusive vehicles

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