Auto Rent is a family owned car rental company with over 40 years of experience, in Algarve. Our average fleet is 550 vehicles and we are established at Faro Airport and Praia da Rocha, in Portimão.

Our staff is trained and work hard everyday in order to provide a different car hire service to the tourists that visit the Algarve region.

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Auto Rent guarantees a Premium Quality Service with maximum customer attention and high professionalism and transparency.


Auto Rent was established in 1976 with only 6 cars (Mini Morris) at Praia da Rocha, Portimão, with the license of another company and with the tourism market on its main focus. Only in 1986 was legally established and licensed with the name AUTO RENT, Lda.

The dedication and effort of the owners to make the most of its fleet and a customer dedicated and quality service policy since 1st day, resulted in a sustained growth until nowadays.

In 2011 the founder António José Valagão is forced to abandon the management of the company due to serious health problems.

From this point, a business digitalization process begins and the company continues to focus on the excellence of service, maintaining a sustainable growth and a young, dynamic and cohesive team that actively contributes to the results achieved.

All team members are committed and motivated to continue this legacy in the future, striving for service excellence by offering superior quality service at competitive prices.


Be your preferred flexible mobility in the Algarve.


Exceed expectations, providing a high quality car rental service and customer care with transparency, commitment and dedication.


Transparency – provide all the necessary information, so the Customer can better decide

Honesty – we keep our promises

Flexibility – we “unfold” to meet your needs

Professionalism – we comply with all procedures competently

Commitment – we continually strive to to honour our promises, exceeding expectations

Competitiveness – we actively compete to offer the best price

Social responsibility – we motivate our staff with the best conditions and actively contribute to local causes

Sympathy – we always presente our service with a smile

Reliability – we actively strive to zero fails








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Quality car hire in Algarve!

  • Fast collection and return
  • Friendly and Professional staff
  • Transparent and honest T&C
  • Reliable and commited customer service

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The JV Car Service, a company supported by internationally tested technology, aims to be the market benchmark in optimizing the performance and profitability of vehicles in general.The area of operation Formula JV Car Service is divided into two main groups, namely: Consumers Professionals and private consumers.  Our main aim is the reduction of consumption and the increased power of the car. Both are based on an innovative system that allows respect all technical parameters factory set for the car. In this factor is combined with innovation in computer systems, which provide the decoding of electronic vehicles. We seek the decline in consumption and an increase in power through the electronic remapping. We rely on an innovative system that respects all manufacturer’s safety limits.

Revisions and Check-ups

Specially designed to meet the preventive maintenance services required in all cars, they can also be replaced with the revision suggested by the manufacturer of your car.


Give your car with confidence to a Autocrew workshop. Will be supported by experts with high Bosch experience.

BOSCH Diagnosis

Given the growing electronic component in automobiles, Bosch provides all workshops AutoCrew the most appropriate diagnostic technology.

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7 Reasons for JV Car Service to be your Workshop

    • Rigorous Implementation
    • Total availability
    • Total satisfaction
    • Security
    • Quality Assurance Uniform
    • Quality of evidence
    • Durability Proven

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Special BLiP promotion that will run until February 28, 2021:
We take your car to the IPO Inspeção Periódica Obrigatória (MOT) (€ 31.50) without additional costs. If it fails the inspection you do not pay anything more than the costs necessary to correct the anomalies, that is, we cover the value of the Reinspection, under the following conditions:

 - The value of the revision or service is equal to or greater than 150 €
 - If the car fails the inspection, we evaluate the amount of repair needed to correct the anomaly and inform the customer. If you agree with the amount, we repair the vehicle and take it back to the Inspection and you only pay the amount of the repair.

So, if you do a service or review with a value equal to or greater than 150 €, we take the car to the inspection without additional costs.
In a situation that is just to take the vehicle to the inspection we charge 20 € + VAT.

Quote BLiP Promotion before you request the inspection.