Welcome to StreetLife Animal Sterilisation Programme

We support the sterilisation of pet dogs & strays in the East Algarve

To date we have sterilised 450 local dogs

StreetLife is a non-profit organisation staffed and run entirely by unpaid volunteers.  We started in September 2017 as an initiative from a group of animal lovers who want to reduce the number of stray and abandoned animals in the East Algarve through a programme of sterilisations.

There are several shelters across the Algarve and they are all overflowing with abandoned animals, many of which come from local families.  We have worked in / with some of these shelters so know the problems first-hand.  Fund-raising groups and volunteers do a great job supporting the shelters, but our idea is to try to reduce the number of litters in the first place, through a programme of sterilisation of both pets and strays.

Litters of puppies from unsterilised pets are a particular problem because many pet owners will not have unplanned pregnancies terminated, preferring to dump the puppies in waste bins, cardboard boxes, plastic bags or at shelters to get rid of the problem.  

Many pet owners do not sterilise their animals because they simply cannot (or will not) afford the veterinary costs involved, and so the problem continues, unfortunately.

The cost of a sterilisation in Portugal compared to the average salary is a problem for many local families.  If it’s a choice of feeding their family or getting their dog sterilised – the choice is obvious. 

This is what StreetLife is all about. . . we help to reduce suffering, cruelty, neglect and overcrowding in Animal Shelters by reducing the number of unwanted puppies and strays.  We can only achieve this with the help of our supporters.

Thank you for visiting our virtual stand at BLiP . . . we hope you will be a StreetLife supporter and contact us soon about becoing a StreetBuddy (www.streetlife.pt/streetbuddy) or make a donation www.streetlife.pt/donate).  We look forward to hearing from you.

Please check out our website: www.streetlife.pt  or  Facebookpage: www.facebook.com/StreetLifeAnimalSterilisationProgramme

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StreetLife and StreetBuddy info Sept 2020

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“Outubro Rosa” and the Mamamaratona 20

Have you ever been curious to know what “Pink October” is and why “pink color” is so highly valued during this month?
Because knowledge does not occupy a place and, in this case, it can even save your life and help save the life of your neighbour, we will summarise it with the meaning of the expression “Pink October” and ask you to inform / alert about it, if you so wish and whenever appropriate, the people around you.

“Pink October” is an international movement to raise awareness of the enormous importance of breast cancer prevention.

The symbolic color, representative of breast cancer, chosen by this movement, was the color pink, most often used in ties or other garments. Also the pink lighting of spaces, facades, bridges, statues, doors or other areas carried out in October, all over the world, reminds us of the fight against breast cancer and its early diagnosis. That is why it is usual for the Oncological Association of the Algarve (AOA) to hold the Mamamarathon (MM) in October, an event that has the following objectives:

Alert for cancer awareness and prevention, particularly breast cancer;

Raising awareness of a healthy lifestyle, through physical exercise;

Raising funds for this cause to fight cancer and support cancer patients and their families.

MM20 Banner Divulgao GERAL
This year, the 20th edition of the initiative will be in a virtual format, which will take place from the 18th to the 30th of October and the challenge is to participate, at home or outdoors, on a suitable day and time, be it the WALK; RUN; PEDAL; SWIM; CLIMBING UP; in INDOOR or OUTDOOR, limit the imaginary of each one, as long as it avoids concentrations of people.

The event is associated with the contest “The Most Creative Photos MM 20”.

To participate, it is necessary for the participant to publish a photo, during the event, that evidences the official MM20 t-shirt and his participation in the initiative, identifying the AOA on Instagram (@aoalgarve_oficial) or on Facebook (@AOAlgarve) and putting the hashtag # MM20.

The 22 entries considered most original, will win prizes (conditions in the regulation of the competition, available on the event's website), among which, vouchers for accommodation in five-star hotels, dinners for two, massages and much more.

For registration and other information contact:
www.mamamaratona.com  | Tel. 289 807 531 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In conclusion and for reflection:

if you are sensitive to this cause why not use, or encourage, during the month of October, the symbolism of the color pink in the fight against breast cancer ?!

Participation in Mamamarathon 20 is a suggestion!

#Juntosporumacausa #MM20

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Logo Alzheimer Alto Alzheimer Portugal - Algarve Office

What memory would you like to save forever?

The President of the Republic, Professor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, accepted the challenge of Alzheimer Portugal and shares in this video the memory he would liketo keep.

You can also record a video in which you start with "The memory I would like to save...", share with the hashtag #memoriasparaguardar


About us

Founded in 1988 by Prof. Carlos Garcia, Alzheimer Portugal is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity.  

It is the only organisation in Portugal, nationwide, specifically set up to promote the quality of life of people with dementia and their families and carers.

01 image estatistica

Taking into account the growing number of cases estimated for the coming years, as well as the lack of support in the area of ageing and dementia in the region, there was an emerging need to open the Algarve office (Núcleo do Algarve) to provide support to people living with dementia in the Algarve. The newly created Alzheimer office is based in Portimão and supports the entire region.

Your kind donations ensure that Alzheimer’s Society can be there for every person affected by dementia. Your gift helps us to challenge perceptions, fund research and improve care and support. Together, we are united against dementia. 

As charity we depend almost in full of your your kind donations and membership fees. Your gift helps us to challenge perceptions, fund projects and improve care and support in the Algarve. Together, we are united against dementia. 

Please see below how you can support our cause.

02 image painel nucleo

Support Our Cause 


We are a Private Institution of Social Solidarity (IPSS) covered by the Patronage Law.

All donations to the Algarve office and membership fees from those residing in the Algarve will be reverted to local to provide vital resources for people living with dementia in the Algarve.


Whether you are a private person or a company, there are several ways in which you can support us:

 03 image our strategy



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Núcleo do Algarve da Alzheimer Portugal 
Dementia local support office


Opening hours (by appointment only)
Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 12.30pm


Urbanização do Pimentão,
Lote 2, Cave, Gabinete 3, Três Bicos, 
8500-776 Portimão 


+351 965 276 690
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Madrugada Association

2020 10 Madrugada Support Centre Luz 01 300DPI

Who Are We?

Madrugada is a not-for-profit association that provides “Hospice at Home” or end of life care and support in the comfort of a patient’s home.

Founded in 2009, the Luz based organization has provided end of life care and support to over 190 people in the Algarve.

Additionally, many have benefitted from Madrugada’s advice and professional support to help manage the challenges of life limiting illness through counselling, therapeutic activities, complementary therapies, and education.

Over the years, Madrugada has raised the profile of home-based end of life care and supportive therapies in Portugal.

Where does Madrugada provide its services?

Our services are in demand throughout the Algarve. Currently, we are only able to offer full end of life care and support services to those living in the Western Algarve, and a slightly reduced service in the Central region. Our aim is to expand the availability of our services across the Algarve region, giving equal access to all.

What Services Does Madrugada provide?

Our care team provides home-based, end of life care and support to anyone 18 years and over. Support is also extended to carers and close family members.

End of Life Care and Support at Home services provided by Madrugada’s team includes the following:

Emotional support to the patient

Emotional and practical support to the patient’s caregivers, often close family members and friends

Hands-on nursing care

Personal and practical carer services (also gives family and friends a break from caring)

Medical equipment (wheelchair, hospital bed, hoist, walker, etc.)

Monitoring of patient’s situation and coordination of services

End of Life Care and Support at the Madrugada Support Centre in Luz includes the following:

Counseling (individual and group)

Therapeutic activities


Support, both informal and formal

How are Patients Referred to Madrugada?

Patients may refer themselves or give permission to be referred by their doctor or other healthcare professional, a close friend or family member. Referrals are considered on clinical criteria and appropriate home environment for safe and effective care.

What do we charge for our services?

Madrugada is a not-for-profit association and our end of life care services are free of charge to the patient and family.

What does it cost to provide end of life services?

Typically, end of life care services and support (including medical equipment) is anywhere from 1 or 2 days up to 14 days. At a daily cost of circa €500 for 24-hour care, this soon adds up to a substantial outlay in both nursing and equipment costs.

How is Madrugada funded?

Madrugada exists thanks to a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers, members, and network of supporters.


The surplus of three charity shops – Encore Boutique in Luz, a large Homestore in Lagos and another in Lagoa - all go to funding patient care.

Members of Madrugada Association provide support through annual membership fees and dedicating time to our activities.

Supporters of Madrugada raise funds through fundraising events and donations provide additional funds needed to carry-out the end of life services.



 Because you care, we can - how can you help?MadrugadaPixFinal2

Become a volunteer 

help out at one of our shops and beyond


organize an event to raise funds


items for our shops or make a monetary donation


become a member of Madrugada and support our cause with an individual or joint membership


sponsor Madrugada as a business



or call  282-761 375

to find out more about how you can support Madrugada


A word from the President of the Board, John Hough, a volunteer since 2015


People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons.

For John Hough, President of the Association, there were two reasons.  Firstly, having seen first-hand the compassionate end of life care received by loved ones, he feels compelled to give back through volunteering as it allows him to contribute, be part of a good cause, and to make a difference to the community where he lives.

Secondly, as a volunteer, not only are you giving back and helping others, he believes it promotes a real sense of satisfaction and self-worth along with being good for your health both mentally and physically. As an employer for many years, John always looked for candidates with a sense of community spirit who had gone the extra mile by volunteering for a worthy cause. 

Why Madrugada?

The mission of Madrugada is to put people in control of the last phase of their lives. To be able to facilitate this, especially at a very emotional and difficult time, is both a challenge and an honour. The Madrugada professional care team work closely with the patient and their loved ones to identify as early as possible how the patient’s last wishes can come true in the setting of their own home. Above all, the care team ensures the patient is always treated with dignity and compassion.

At a time when health care systems worldwide are struggling to provide adequate support to all patients, those at end of life seem most vulnerable. Madrugada provides the opportunity to help intervene in a small way but makes a big difference. This is what drew me to the Madrugada cause. My role, and that of the other volunteer Board members is to ensure that we can maintain and build on our services and to increase the geographic area we can cover. Our retail shops, also run by volunteers, make an enormous difference to what we can do. Any surplus goes directly to support patient care, and of course our excellent value shops provide a genuine social and economic benefit to the communities they serve, and to the wonderful volunteers who keep them running smoothly.

We are fortunate to have a core of other volunteers who support the delivery and collection of our medical equipment; facilitate donation collections, and who work tirelessly to organise and run fundraising events to raise money for the cause. All of this requires a huge amount of energy and commitment from these dedicated people who are the backbone of the association. We always need more pairs of hands on deck. There is always so much to do, that everyone who wants to get involved can and will be of assistance.