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Welcome to afpop, the largest Association for foreign residents and property owners in Portugal. Established in 1987 and with over 7,200 current Members, afpop is a non-profit, Public Utility Association, whose aims are to support and keep our Members informed of their rights and obligations and to negotiate financial Benefits with service providers and businesses.


UPDATE Magazine


We all need reliable information and the Associations UPDATE magazine is mailed to all Members in Portugal 6 times a year, providing a regular source of information to them. It is also available on-line in the Association’s website. The October 2020 edition is available below here for you to read online.


News From afpop

When the information is urgent, our 'News From afpop' mailings keep you up to date and bring you the facts, not the rumour, about what is happening that affects your life. Never has that been more important perhaps than this year and the testimonials and referrals from our Members regarding the information and support given to them throughout this year’s Coronavirus pandemic, is an indication of their appreciation for the support that they receive from THEIR Association. 



“Thank you once again for all the important information.
Let’s hope that many more people will now see the advantages of joining.” Member: C.P.


“Another excellent e-mail, somewhere to read the actual facts, best regards to everyone at afpop.

We feel more secure knowing that if we do have a problem or need an answer to a question you are here for us.” Member: G.W.G


“Thanks to you and your excellent organisation for the efficient and clear way in which you keep us updated. 
It is much appreciated.” Member: E. & D.G

The Information Bulletin and Fact Sheet system is a comprehensive source of information on a wide ranging list of subjects, from car importation and setting up a bank account, to Wills, IRS payment & includes sections on motoring, health, property rental and purchasing, inheritance planning & many more. The full list of Bulletins can be seen below.

The Information Bulletins and Fact Sheets are regularly updated and are available free of charge to Members, either on request or by download from the Members area of the afpop website.


Information Bulletins and Factsheets List

CODE    afpop Information bulletins

G/01E Domestic Staff 

G/02E Consulates

G/03E Lawyers

G/04E Accountants

G/06E Gardening Services

G/07E Starting a Business

G/08E Pets

G/09E Dogs Licence

H/01E Habitation Licence

H/02E Rates Document

H/03E Property Title Deed

H/04E Land Registry Certificate

H/05E Building Contractors

H/07E Construction

H/08E Property Management

H/09E Buying And Selling

H/10E Rental

H/11E Monitoring land development

H/12E Condominium Regulations

H/13E Holiday Rental Licence

I/02E   House Insurance

I/03E   Car Insurance

I/04E   Health/Medical Insurance

I/05E   Travel Insurance

L/01E  Gardens

L/02E  Boats & Fishing

L/04E  Fresh water fishing

M/01E Permission to Drive

M/02E Car Documents

 CODE    afpop Information bulletins

M/03E Road/Car Tax

M/04E Importing A Car

M/05E Buying & Selling Cars

M/06E Road-Worthiness Inspection

M/07E Automatic Motorway Tolls

N/01E Pre-Death Planning

N/02E Estate planning

N/03E Marriage

N/04E Divorce

N/05E Births

N/06E Wills

N/07E Death & Burial I

N/08E Death & Burial Part II

P/01E  Taxation Card

P/02E  Residence – Eu Citizens

P/03E  Residencia & Visa – Non Eu

P/04E  Driving Licence

P/05E  Electors Card

P/06E  Birth Certificate

P/07E  Leaving Portugal

P/08E  Occupation Contract

P/09E  Dates for Your Diary

P/10E  Documents You Must Carry

P/11E  Medical Card

S/01E  Schools availability

S/02E  Grants & Support

S/03E  Learning Portuguese 

T/01E  Income Tax Return (IRS)

T/02E  Property Tax (IMI)

 CODE    afpop Information bulletins

T/03E  Inheritance Tax

T/04E  Corporate Income Tax (IRC)

T/05E  Property Transfer Tax (IMT)

T/06E  Value Added Tax (IVA)

T/07E  Capital Gain Tax

U/01E Electricity

U/02E Telephone

U/03E Post Office

U/04E Water

U/05E Gas

Z/01E  Political Parties

Z/02E  Police


Fact Sheets 

FS6         Recycling

FS7         Living Wills

FS11       Finanças Direct Debit

FS12       CBD Oil

FS13       Payments by Multibanco

FS14       Reading EDP meters

FS15       Imported Vehicles (IUC)

FS16       UK Driving Licence Exchange

FS17       New Road signs

FS18       Appointments Public Services

FS19       Chave Movél Digital

FS21       ISV Simulator

FS22       Finanças complaint

afpop ADvantage

Over 400 businesses & service providers, saving Members far more than the cost of their annual Membership.

The Directory is available in hard copy and also on the afpop website.  


Area Social Events

Our dedicated group of Area Event Organisers are currently unable to arrange the excellent social events for which they are renowned. However, as soon as it is possible for them to do so, they will be back organising events and trips which are enjoyed by many Members across Portugal, helping Members to meet regularly with others and enjoy the friendships that they create.


Boat 1

L16 00313 lr

Boat 2


Driving in Portugal (DiP)

In Association with our Alliance Partners MEDAL Insurance, we produce a booklet which explains the driving and vehicle laws in Portugal. The DiP booklet is free of charge to Members and is available in English and German.

The 2021 DiP booklet will be available in the New Year.


All this for one small annual payment, which amounts to less than the price of a ‘café com leite’ a week.


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